The Diagnosis

99% of skin cancer deaths could have been prevented with an early diagnosis. This is not difficult, because it is possible to identify melanoma with only the eyes. In fact, visual inspection of suspicious skin lesions by a clinician using the naked eye is usually the first of a series of ‘tests’ to diagnose melanoma.

Even though it is an easy and simple test, people die from melanoma simply because they don’t have the knowledge to identify the odd moles effectively.

The Cookies

We created DiagnostiCookies, the easiest guide to identifying melanoma. In each box, you can see a side-by-side comparison of cookies resembling healthy moles and melanoma moles, showing the differences in size, color, shape and texture.

Melanoma moles might have uneven borders, be bigger than 6 millimeters, be asymmetrical, have a variety of colors or evolve their characteristics over time. Besides the cookies, the box also came with a guide to identifying these signs and included a call to action to seek a doctor in case consultation was needed.

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